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Stainless steel storage tank or SS storage tank are widely used in RO / Reverse osmosis plant manufacturing industries. Presently, plastic, galvanized, mild steel and concrete tanks are used for storage of water for drinking purpose. Due to various reasons the water from these tanks is not hygienic for drinking purpose. The main reasons being inability to clean the tanks regularly and thoroughly. The other main disadvantage of these tanks is that it is a porous material; so automatic it helps growth of bacteria, fungus and algae. Hence the present method of storage of water for potable purpose is very harmful for human consumption.

A comparable study of the various options is given at the end. Manufactured from imported mirror finish stainless steel plates (SS304 2BA) the tanks offer the best solution for the storage of potable water with "Zero Retention'' for daily use. The study shows that temperature of water in these tanks is almost equivalent to ambient temperature. The study conducted by Haffkine Institute, Mumbai, shows no growth of bacteria even after 7 days of storage of water.

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